My life experiences include being a USAF Veteran, an aircraft mechanic, a systems engineer and a single working mom. While working full time, I went to college and earned my bachelor’s degree in Professional Aeronautics.

My time spent as a systems engineer has provided me with the skills I need to not only identify but to find solutions to the problems and challenges in our district.

As a systems engineer I was responsible for finding solutions and resolving the issues and challenges on the projects I worked on. To do this I worked with diverse groups of people to identify the actual cause of an issue. I would research ways to fix not just the immediate problem but to also fix what actually caused the problem in the first place. I would fight to make sure the solutions we had found were implemented, even when the solutions were unpopular.

I served in the USAF for six years. First as an aircraft mechanic and then as a flight engineer. There still weren’t many female aircraft mechanics when I joined, which meant I not only had to work hard but I had to fight to stay a mechanic. My time in the AF and as a veteran allows me to understand the challenges faced by our active duty military, military families and my fellow veterans.

I worked as an aircraft mechanic with a defense contractor when I first left the military. As a mechanic I understood how important the unions in this nation are. It was only because of those unions that I had benefits and earned a wage that could support my family.

As a single working mom, I raised my daughter while working full time and furthering my own education. The challenges I overcame were balancing home and work, finding child care, and ensuing our financial security. My daughter Kathryn, is grown now and is a wonderful, independent woman.

As the Representative of CA District 23, I will bring my skills and experience to understand what my constituents need and then go to Washington D.C. and fight to enact the solutions that will help our district.


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Kim Mangone is a veteran of the US Air Force. Use of her military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Air Force or the Department of Defense.